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Non-Cannon Shipper Moments - A Look at Jayne Cobb

*waves shyly (again)*

Anyone who ships couples that are non-canon will find any moment between them as fuel for a non-standard OTP. I had a notion to try and put together a series of screencaps looking at the moments of canon which make shipper's hearts beat a little faster. And, since I'm partial to the hero of canton (and since he has no canon ships to speak of, but plenty in fandom), I'm focusing on Jayne to start with. I've organized them in order of popularity by LJ community (where there is a LJ community).

If anyone has a problem with slash or non-canon ships (or competing OTPs), then you'll probably want to skip this post altogether. I'm not advocating for or against any of the ships - I'm just here for fun (and the pretty).

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Want to see a different character overly analyzed and paired up with someone in screencaps? Let me know... I'll add it to the list.

If I rec'd your fic and you'd rather I didn't, please let me know and I'll remove it. No harm intended. If you like a rec'd fic, make sure to let the writer know. [If you didn't, no need to say a word.] ;P

[Caps taken from Can't Take the Sky and _jems_]
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Out of Gas

About a billion years ago, when I re-uploaded my caps, I did a cap spam of the first seven episodes, but stopped before OoG, because I said there was no way I'd be able to restrain myself. And I proved myself right.

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