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March 10th, 2009

05:23 pm - *knocks on mic* Is this thing on?
I did a picspam of my top five Firefly episodes a few months back, and I thought I'd post it here...Collapse )

...if only so I make one last-ditch attempt for Mal.

Hurry and vote, poll closes soon!

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September 16th, 2006

02:35 pm - Non-Cannon Shipper Moments - A Look at Jayne Cobb
*waves shyly (again)*

Anyone who ships couples that are non-canon will find any moment between them as fuel for a non-standard OTP. I had a notion to try and put together a series of screencaps looking at the moments of canon which make shipper's hearts beat a little faster. And, since I'm partial to the hero of canton (and since he has no canon ships to speak of, but plenty in fandom), I'm focusing on Jayne to start with. I've organized them in order of popularity by LJ community (where there is a LJ community).

If anyone has a problem with slash or non-canon ships (or competing OTPs), then you'll probably want to skip this post altogether. I'm not advocating for or against any of the ships - I'm just here for fun (and the pretty).

Under a cut because there will be plenty of photosCollapse )

Want to see a different character overly analyzed and paired up with someone in screencaps? Let me know... I'll add it to the list.

If I rec'd your fic and you'd rather I didn't, please let me know and I'll remove it. No harm intended. If you like a rec'd fic, make sure to let the writer know. [If you didn't, no need to say a word.] ;P

[Caps taken from Can't Take the Sky and _jems_]
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June 14th, 2006

07:34 pm - Out of Gas
About a billion years ago, when I re-uploaded my caps, I did a cap spam of the first seven episodes, but stopped before OoG, because I said there was no way I'd be able to restrain myself. And I proved myself right.

Excuse me while I show absolutely no restraint whatsoever. IMAGE HEAVY!Collapse )
Current Mood: embarrassedembarrassed by my lack of restraint
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June 6th, 2006

12:06 pm
Picspam comparing Mal to the tenth Doctor over at my my lj.

It's image heavy and contains spoilers for all aired episodes of Firefly and the newest season of Doctor Who.

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May 3rd, 2006

12:38 am - Shiny pic as done by the artist of Ctrl+Alt+Del
Don't know if anyone has posted about this, but I'll put one up about it anyway, just in case.

For those who are fans of Ctrl+Alt+Del, the artist Tim Buckley had posted up a real shiny sketch of our Cap'n Mal and Serenity for one of his roommates. Lucky, lucky guy that roommate.

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April 22nd, 2006

10:42 pm
Summer Glau at the Brisbane Supanova '06.

These photos are from earlier today. She was so lovely. And tiny. I hope you guys like.

Image hosting by Photobucket

OMG, best day ever!Collapse )

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April 15th, 2006

02:04 am - Not screencaps, but...
This is why Sean is my new god.

Simon always had the best clothes...and the best bod :)Collapse )

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April 9th, 2006

01:00 am
I made a manip to amuse myself, and by demand I am posting it. Hopefully it amuses you too.

Whore Simon

Simon. As a space hooker.

Which reminds me of Jayne's love for space hookeryCollapse )
Current Mood: artistic
Current Music: Ache For You // Ben Lee

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March 29th, 2006

09:37 pm - Very High Res Cast Pics
Some of you asked about these some of these pictures, I didn't see them posted before so here you go:

22 PicturesCollapse )

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March 28th, 2006

12:39 am - wallpaper request
I've been looking for photomosaics of Firefly/Serenity, but haven't been able to find any. Does anyone here have such a thing?
Conversely, is anyone else interested in this? I found a site with free software, http://www.andreaplanet.com/andreamosaic/ , to make your own. I hope to see some soon, maybe even something of my own!
Current Music: Fruity Oaty Bar commercial

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