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Daily Dose of Serenity

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A Daily Dose of Firefly Screencaps and Snark
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When it all comes down to it, don’t we just love Firefly for the PRETTY?!? :)

firefly_daily is a screencap community dedicated to providing you with fabulous imagery from the television show or the major motion picture or behind the scenes.

I'm your mod, liminalliz. Most of the screencaps I use are from _jems_ awesome cap collection or from Still-Flying.net.

All posts on firefly_daily MUST BE SCREENCAPS OR PICTURES. No icons, wallpapers, fanart, fanfiction, firefly news, random squee or an invite to your glorious party.

Halso: Please do not direct link to other people's sites! If you don't have your own, try photobucket.com.

And to conclude: Posts that ignore the rules may be deleted.

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